Photographic Background

I have been involved in photography since the late 1970's when I took a keen interest in my later years of high school.

In the mid 1980s I worked in the television industry for three years. During that time I achieved TVOCP certification. While not a strict photography certification, it helped me to gain a formal understanding of the funamental theory behind photography, lighting, broadcast technology, etc.

In 1990 I got serious again. I purchased an array of Nikon equipment prior to a trip to the United States on holidays. Some of the images from that trip are included in this site.

While I have had a few excellent mentors, I am largely self taught with much of my knoweledge coming from (trial and error type) experience. I have included a page of links to useful sites and to photographers I respect.

Over the last 20+ years I have been fortunate to have travelled extensively to many parts of the world (often at someone elses expense). In the last 10 years my professional occupation (in IT) has taken me to the USA many times, most parts of Asia including Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and India. Unfortunately though, only a little time has been available for photography on those trips.


Professional Background

My profession outside photography is as an IT Networking and Security and Cybersecurity consultant.    

Cisco CCIE#1378, ISC2 CISSP, Palo Alto Networks CNSE

My business is Neon Knight Consulting -




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